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Creation occurs when ideas & individuals collide & collude...



Navigating the complexity of challenges
with opportunities while managing change.

The Solution Architect



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Meet Dr. (h.c) Raechelle Johnson


A company is only as strong as its executive leadership.

Innovative Branding Strategist Dr. (h.c.) Raechelle “Rae” Johnson, CEO of Kreative Ink LLC, influences and inspires brand reputation through strategic delivery enabling companies–program growth and performance. Dr (hc) Johnson is depended on to provide insight and stakeholders’ perception prior to critical decision. Dr (hc) Raechelle "Rae" reveals where opportunity meets challenge, creating development in change and calculated execution.

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Kreative Ink LLC has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. Discover how to define your definition of SUCCESS today.



Motivational Speaking

Dr. (hc) Raechelle "Rae" Johnson is one of today's most sought-after keynote speakers, business and leadership presenters, and motivational speakers. Dr. Raechelle "Rae," travels the world as an edutainment speaker. Placing  the needs of her clients first, Dr. Raechelle Rae has developed into a true expert in her field, skilled and dedicated to guaranteeing that Kreative Results are delivered on time.
Dr Raechelle Rae has been establishing and working with valued businesses for more than 25 years, performing on some of the biggest stages in the world with some of the finest voices in the industry. Brand strategy and consumer behavior have helped her bridge the gap between established businesses and startups. As a speaker, Dr. Raechelle Rae is sought after for her ability to energize and confound her audiences with information, entertainment, and motivation.

Training Topics:

  • Effective Habits for Working Remotely

  • Collaborative Team Dynamics

  • Confident Decision Making

  • Situational Leadership Leadership Styles

  • Performance Managment Fundamentals

  • Corporate Structure: Creating Vision, Mission & Core Values

  • Creating Content Strategy

  • Content Creation & Curation

  • Content Distribution & Promotion

  • Content Marketing for SEO

  • Content Marketing Ethics & Best Practices

Speaking Topics:

  • Coloring Outside the Lines [Being Your Authentic Self]

  • Breaking Through the Noise [Reaching Your Ideal Audience]

  • B.R.A.G. [Brand Responsibility Accountability & Growth]

  • Intentional Success Vs. Purposeful Failure

Your path to personal development begins here. For over 25 years Kreative's focus has been on helping you be a stronger leader and your business better equipped to achieve greater success overall. With knowledge and experience you can trust. Choose from a lineup of self-paced online custom designed crafted courses, leveraging decades of experience and skill of digestible content for specific industry challenges.


Innovative Strategy & Change
w/Dr Raechelle Rae


Innovative Solution

Brand Strategist

... build brands that clear up your offerings as viewed through the eyes of your target market; and how to communicate more effectively.

Sought After

 Int'l Speaker

... an innovator of strategy at the corporate level--brings real-world experiences and practical expertise. Her work has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX affiliates ...


Speaking Coach

... transformation starts with in--in order to deliver a life changing message it takes more than just delivery. You must define, refine and align your message for your target audience's need.

Kreative Insights
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Brave Bold
&Unstoppable ...

Content Marketing Strategy,
How to Win Clients & Influence Markets 

Dr. Raechelle Rae's Content Marketing Strategy REBOOT focuses on revitalizing a brand's online presence. It begins with setting clear goals and conducting in-depth audience research to create tailored content. Developing a unique value proposition and implementing a content calendar ensures consistency and differentiation. Diverse content formats, enhanced SEO techniques, and leveraging social media channels play pivotal roles. Collaborating with influencers and measuring performance through analytics completes the comprehensive strategy. What she has coined the REBOOT Methodology, a clear roadmap for developing a successful content marketing strategy.

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"...I finally got a business coach, Raechelle Rae Johnson...My coach has me enlarge my vision and I am soooo grateful for her. Things that I was dragging my feet about. I am now picking it up and putting it down. She don't play with me at all! I got a big announce coming [in four months]. Stay tune!"

Karron Dodd


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